• ICYMI: Girl Code

    Girl Code, an event co-organised with web agency Q42, was held on Wednesday, June 24 at the Q42 offices in Amsterdam. It was an evening filled with entrepreneurial spirit and innovation as we were immersed into the code of 4 amazing female developers:  Katja Hollaar ​(Q42), Kristin Rieping​ (Q42), Felienne Hermans (Computer Science Professor at Delft University) and  Erika Reinaldo (Digital Ocean & Author).

    Katja’s talk entitled “Augmenting Content of Digital Books in Schooltas” was inspired by her work on an app focused on shifting children’s school work to a more electronic and interactive medium. Utilising vue.js, Katja explained her paradox: developing a simple and user-friendly interface proved to be more complex than the development of a complicated interface, especially when your target audience is children. According to Katja, the reduction of the code was imperative as the code was beginning to get out of hand. As such, they decided to split the code into corresponding parts: removing redundancies and optimising functionalities in order for the operational system to run more smoothly. This was also needed in order for various developers to understand and navigate the code accordingly.

    View her presentation here

    Kristin Riepling discussed her role in deploying Philips Hue to the cloud in her talk, ​”Building Light: The Architecture of Philips Hue.” Philips Hue, a connected light bulb, allows you to manipulate your environment for any situation imaginable. Utilising the Google Cloud Platform, Kristin and her team developed a way in which the customers can create internet applications to power their Internet of Things devices or projects. You can see this in action by visiting the Q42 website and controlling the colour of the lights in their offices!

    View her presentation here.

    Felienne had one of her “A-HA” moments while playing one of her favourite board games, Quarto, with her partner. Quarto is like Connect 4, only in 3D, which leaves nearly endless possibilities in terms of winning combinations. In the midst of one game, Felienne thought to herself, “What if we tied the game? Is it even possible?” Felienne started investigating this theory by developing an algorithm by utilising automated reasoning and satisfiability.

    View her presentation here

    Let’s face it; we’ve all played with photo distorting applications on the internet. But what if you actually built one yourself? Erika Reinaldo has pioneered this technology, developing multiple online applications that allow the user to create their own enhanced images with a few clicks of their mouse. During her talk, “Smashing pixels with Imanee,” we got a behind the scenes look at how she simplified her PHP in order to have an efficient gif generator  – complete with a wide range of filters named after popular rock stars in the 1970’s. What’s not to love?

    View her presentation here

    Lieke Boon finished the night by addressing something that exists not only within the technology sphere, but in almost every aspect of our lives: gender bias. She explained the underlying nuances in some of the terminology we use as well as examined some of the practices that occur, particularly within the Netherlands.

    Learn more about gender bias here

    View her presentation here

    Thanks to everyone who made it out to our event. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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